I have been considering my Essentials List. This year, I'm mulling over how much Essentials limit my style v. how much they express it v. how much they enable it.

I'm really devoting all my time to being a baker now, so office wear has dropped out of sight (I shall have to contemplate hanging on to my suits, blouses, trousers and dresses one day...). Also, I have problem feet and am on them all day, walking miles and miles. I pretty much live in a gear/utilitarian uniform of the hated jeggings/leggings, tee, and sneakers. But I don't like looking gearish. Or prim. I have a definite 'street style' bent that I want to come through.

Anyways, I think my Essentials are the following:

- Puffies
- Long, lightweight duster coat (for hot sunny weather)(although it should be said that this coat has a lot of interest in itself)
- Tissue tees (varying sleeve lengths, hi-low hems)
- Sneakers (black, white, grey)
- Combat boots
- Chunky cardigans
- Beanies
- Hands free bags (faux leather backpack, waist bag)

I haven't put any bottoms on this list. I like to bring in pattern on the bottom. They really range from leggings to jeggings to crops to skirts to trousers to etc.

That is, everything on the list is what I wear to bring the bottoms into line with my style and/or enable me to function/leave the house. I mean, I wear sneakers and tees with my fancier clothes, skirts, and dresses as well.

I didn't add my floral satchel, because I use that to bring interest to the duster on errand runs...

What do y'all think? List too light?