Jan 20

My view this morning: bare tree branches full of cedar waxwings! They usually visit us for 3 weeks in February most years. A bit early this year. Every morning they sit for a few minutes facing the sunrise. They start at the bottom of the hill and work up, eating all the newly ripe cotoneaster berries. There are a lot of bushes, and when the birds have stripped them, they move northward. Maybe these same birds will arrive in Canada in a few weeks. In the past few years we've had much smaller flocks visit, so I worried.

I grabbed a black sweater I haven’t worn much and when I saw it with my jeans: Waxwing day.

This is one of the sweaters I bought at Eric Bombard in the early summer of 2015 when we were in Paris. I bought 3 sweaters and a scarf on sale. Unlike most cashmere, these items don’t make my skin itch. And note, they are almost 8 years old and are still nice. I gave a gray sweater away, but I still have and use the two and the animal print scarf.

Black and white are too high contrast for me, so I added a scarf, realizing that my colors were waxwing colors.

Tan LL Bean jeans I tried last year for the first time and like the way they fit. High waisted and a straight cut that suits my lower body. A white tee and the black sweater and a cotton scarf with yellow and my old silver gray Orthofeet because I’m going to be cleaning up more rain/wind damage today.

A photo from 3-4 years ago when I was skinnier. The sweaters still fit.

And for fun, on today’s theme, a camel J Crew jacket bought last year. The light made me look sickly, so off with my head. Sorry about the lighting in some of these photos.

Lately I’ve been buying sale cashmere sweaters from Macy’s and Nordstrom, but you get what you pay for. I keep telling myself to save up and buy Bompard’s.

The hills are green again, the sun is out, the waxwings are back!

1-2 Waxwings, #1 clipped from Audubon.

3 me today.

4-5 We stayed at the Scribe, the Eric Bompard store nearby.

6-8 home with new items. Blue sweater is a brighter blue.

9 2019

10 J Crew jacket a few months ago. Color is Caramel.

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