Thanks for sharing your items and thoughts on Zara pieces. If you shop at Zara, we’re all in the same boat it seems. Good and bad.

Taylor, KILLER coat. No wonder it gets compliments. You look wonderful in earth tones and black.

I have a love-dislike relationship with Zara. The black and brown silk zebra shirtdress is still a favorite because of the timelessness and quality of fabric and construction. On the other hand, another dress I purchased was falling apart after about 3 months. GRR!!! Despite having really cute and stylish items, I add only small doses of Zara to my wardrobe. Personally, I have much better luck with items from Mango MNG.

I have bought only one item from Zara so far, and it did not work. Sorry, no picture. Black loafers with bows on top of a kilt, in leather. They were very stiff, and my feet no longer wish to break in stiff shoes. Some of it was sizing: I think I started with a 37, which should have fit, but the heel slipped badly, so I switched them out for a 36. The 36 was a tad small, but I tried to make them work. So cute, but they hurt! I finally gave them to a colleague with smaller, younger feet.

The clothes generally do not work for me because I am 4'11" and curvy: sleeves are much too long and waistlines do not hit at the right point. I am most drawn to jackets, and jackets must fit.

I recently bought a gorgeous black tweed short jacket with gold hardware from Zara. Totally agree that it can be hit and miss. You have to be lucky to score a high quality item with fabric that won’t fall apart.

I searched, but I have no high-quality items from Zara. I remember your gorgeous puffer and recall trying it on in store. The sleeves were far too long and Zara has no petite sizing. I guess Zara is a challenge for me!

My best Zara purchase is my red pea coat - going on 6 years old and still in excellent condition.

My next favourite is a one button black coat (2 years old), bought on a whim because I was really cold and thought it would be useful, such a classic style and practical too. Nice to have a coat that I am not precious about.

Zara gold bomber, bought as a bit of fun 3 years ago and has been a great rain jacket and travel companion.

Zara knits are also staples for me, I find that they only last up to 2 years, but they definitely clock up the wears, being perfect layering pieces. I have this knit in ivory, grey, pink, red, navy and black.