FI, I'm wondering the same thing. As I said in the OP, I am amazed that this cacophony still looks so current, trendy, now. I love her use of colour, different textures, silhouettes. How she makes even "yesterdays news", untrendy items and clichés look super cool (the white slouchy boots).

I can't replicate her outfits, and I'm questioning if anyone else even can (without looking like a clown.. sorry). But she inspires me to see new combinations in my own wardrobe. Fun juxtapositions. Be more creative.
As to you being tired of your minis: how fun to explore your style further! I'm not sure I've ever seen you in pants (!). I bet you'd look fabulous in slacks, long loose fitting black trousers. Something with a little drama!

Boy that’s a good question, FI. I constantly marvel at how I think I’m doing one thing and yet fail to produce what I’m thinking about. Eg, I’m thinking Sporty Luxe and yet what I get is Quirky Waif. It’s not that I’m unhappy with the result, but I don’t understand why thinking Quirky Waif doesn’t produce Quirky Waif...

Maybe that’s her appeal to me—making “yesterday’s news” look good. That’s what is in my closet. I have a big deadline on Jan 14, will have to post a brainstorming outfit session after that, but am not expecting to buy anything new. How funny that you’ve never seen me in pants—I don’t think of myself as ladylike at all! These are my newest pants, most purchased summer & fall of 2018, but the red in Feb 2019. I might get some wide legs this summer; right now the only ones I have are jumpsuits.

RL, i thought that was the point of all the monikers and style words, etc—to be able to guide yourself to the look you want. A post analyzing how you hit the wrong target with a couple outfits would be cool. Like really breaking it down “I chose this belt because....”