(Warning: Long - trying to explain how my Style Goals overlap with Duplication)

Reading the divided comments on this blog post has been interesting, since duplicating the same item in different colours has been my preferred way of dressing ever since I can remember (& even moreso during the pandemic/ protests), but I've been limited in my execution based on past offerings. I think it's because I generally tend to rely on *colour* to add variety to my looks, rather than silhouette, texture, shine or pattern (Angie's post on the matter):

That's not to say that I don't use those other methods *at all* in my dressing, but just that they aren't as conscious on my part (e.g. I'll wear prints & patterns, but usually as a way to tie my already selected colours together than the other way around. And I have 'discovered' gold as a signature accessory look (e.g. aviator sunglasses, shoes & bag hardware) for at least a year now, but I don't tend to change those up much).

I've mentioned the following on other forum posts here & there (apologies if I hijacked your thread with my ramblings!) but am trying to consolidate these style goals into one place for legibility. You'll see how they relate to duplication soon:

(1) - I've tried playing around with this in the past, but I've now made peace with my preference for a fairly high standard of modesty, even in hot weather (elbows, chest & legs covered). This therefore limits my silhouette choice dramatically (I've realised I don't wear t-shirts anymore, because having to layer a topper over them digs into my biceps), but I've made peace with this (I've made a pact to not buy any more t-shirts, & have been using my current ones as sleepwear! Current goal: buy 3/4 sleeves for summer & long sleeves for winter!)
(2) - Speaking of which, the pandemic has (finally!) forced me to come to terms with the fact that I need to dress for my current climate, rather than trying to buy for both the UK *and* HK at the same time. I'm likely to stay in this subtropical climate with fairly mild winters for at least a few years yet (it's currently 28C with 70% humidity - peak summer is usually at least 35C & 90% humidity, with winter usually around 5-10C but no central heating) so I'm also now ready to accept that I'm not happy in polyester (or most synthetics, for that matter).

What this means is that, armed with my YLF Style Moniker (the 4 C's: Colourful, Covered, Comfy Chic), I feel like I've finally reached a level of acceptance for my own, personal style - only problem is retail hasn't quite caught up yet (I most like a rich teal & deep blood orange on my Dark Autumn colouring, both of which I'm struggling to find in shops). Here are some of the common silhouettes in which I've started purchasing numerous shades though, once I started expanding my search (to bite the bullet on international shipping) :

Photos #01 - #6 of a *cropped cotton open cardigan that hits at the natural waist*, from https://www.seasaltcornwall.co.....n-cardigan. =
- - I use the orange & green versions the most.
- - Red was a wildcard (see very bottom) but I do use it - have posted a jumpsuit OOTD with it to the forum before
- - Teal & ecru feel a little too light for my colouring (need to remember to not give into 'Soft Summer turquoise' shades in my search for a true deep teal!)
- - The yellow blends into my skin from a distance (Could this almost 'nude for me' work as a light neutral? I need @nuancedream's panache to get better at embracing this for summer dressing!)
- - (HEWIs in this category: a more warm ecru, maybe? still looking for dark purple, deep tomato orange & a warm chocolatey brown - I've been eyeing this Kettlewell version from @suntiger, but just wish it was a more lightweight/ natural fabric for my summertime usage:
https://www.kettlewellcolours......t-tie-wrap )

Photos #07- #13 of a *cotton top with a round neckline that doesn't dip too low (even when bent over) or wide (no bra straps showing)*, from https://www.seasaltcornwall.co.....jersey-top =
- - The deep purple (flecked with red) & teal (flecked with inky blue/ purple) versions of this top are gorgeous - an FYI for fellow Deep Autumns! @Brooklyn
- - The yellow again blends into my skin from a distance
- - (HEWIs in this category: a deep tomato orange, maybe another teal as a backup (it's always sold out!), & more solid coloured 3/4 sleeved versions too (I bought some from Nomads UK for now, but the neckline is a little low when I bend over). I'm considering photo #17 but not sure if it's too light of a green as chartreuse?)

Photos #14 of *comfy & easy slipon plimsolls*, from https://www.seasaltcornwall.co.....on-trainer =
- - I only have the ecru in this & they've been a surprising workhorse (my version of a 'fashion sneaker' that's non-chunky enough to suit a Romantic/ Soft Classic Kibbe Type & low contrast enough to be able to be worn to casual days at work!)
- - (HEWIs in this category: This is one instance where I actually regret not listening to my gut instincts to also buy the all-teal version of this shoe (photo #18) before it sold out - teal soles like that are so rare to find, but perfectly aligned with my non 'sporty' look!)

Photos #15- #16 of a *highwaisted jersey maxi skirt*, from https://www.kettlewellcolours......maxi-skirt & other places =
- - I actually bought most of the skirts in this category on a whim, from a small beachfront shop on my honeymoon to Malaysia (yellow, chartreuse, pine green, sharp purple), hence the lack of finds lol! But I do have the berry purple & chocolate brown versions of the Kettlewell skirt (attached).
- - I use the pine green, berry purple & saffron yellow often
- - I don't use the chartreuse green much - I like it for a top but feels too attention grabbing as bottoms, for some reason?
- - Have already donated the sharp purple version of this skirt (was too cool toned)
- - (HEWIs in this category: a kelly/ grass green (Boden, attached photo #20), deep teal & a deep tomato orange) )

Photos not included of *silk pussybow blouses*, from various thrifted/ vintage, secondhand charities:
- - I don't know if anyone even remembers this lol, but I used to have a sheer orange pussybow rounded hem tunic that fit me well but was ruined by an iron I since decided that pussybow blouses were a good silhouette for my Soft Kibbe Type, & have been searching for ones since
- - I've bought a red/ orange/ saffron yellow/ kelly green/ teal/ milk chocolate brown/ B&W polka dot , all from various places lol
- - The protests & COVID have made it difficult to get dressed up, but I have still worn the orange/ yellow/ Kelly green (the issues with the ones I haven't worn as often have mostly been due to silhouette issues (since they're all different items, bought secondhand) rather than just the colours. More evidence that duplicating silhouettes works better for me than trying to find different colours in different silhouettes!)
- - ( HEWIs in this category: A REPLACEMENT FOR MY PUSSYBOW ROUNDED HEM TUNIC! One that's in a more natural fabric (maybe not as fussy as silk but not starched either) - ideally in a deep tomato orange, (last orange I showed in the forum was donated because it was too light, as someone pointed out), deep purple, dark chocolate brown & old gold (for formalwear) )

'slightly balloon leg jeans' (that I reviewed in the forum recently)
- - in both dark indigo wash & black
- - Hopefully they'll come in handy in cooler weather!

EDIT: I've also duplicated some long, lightweight, machine washable, silk scarves! I've found a seller here (Greater China) that makes them for reasonable prices & in many colours:
- - As long as I wear them with a statement necklace or magnetic pins to hold down the ends, I find them practical enough to wear with the AC at work but also outside in summer. But I think silk might be a little fussier for tops, since I can't just drape a silk top over one shoulder/ remove it altogether just to eat etc (like I would with a silk scarf).
- - I use my chocolate brown (workhorse), saffron yellow & teal green scarves regularly, plus some gorgeous map printed versions
- - For some reason, I barely touch the black & white scarves (wonder why?) & the orange is a bit too bright for me (more like coral). Will evaluate further...
- - ( HEWIs in this category: rich purple, deep tomato orange, gold & creamy ivory - surprisingly hard to find these in warm enough tones!)


Future Silhouette Tweaks:
Will likely look to change these current purchases up via: sleeve length (finding both 3/4 & long sleeved versions) & curved bottoms (finding more balloon legged/ mermaid shaped versions). Watch this space for future slow (& thoughtful) purchases!

Tentative Colours I'm still unsure of (photos #17-20) :
- Chartreuse (like photo #17 - getting the right shade of green so it's not too light (like a granny apple) but not too neon yellow or dark (like moss) either - I suspect that's why I'm unsure with the current skirt. Am considering the Kettlewell olive skirt (attached, #19)?
- 'Neutrals' like black (I'm working on only wearing black in softly 'edgy' looks, since it feels too harsh with the rest of my deep warm colours otherwise)...
- ...& also navy blue (part of my acceptance of no longer living in the UK has been working on a navy capsule of clothing to leave there, for when I visit & need winterwear etc that I don't really need here. But it's been difficult finding warm & dark enough shades of it here, that read more like black or teal...)
- Red/ Orange (I actually use my favourite deep reddish tomato orange as a neutral, but ironically a true lipstick/ pillarbox red feels too 'bright' for me. So it's tricky finding muted enough reds & deep enough oranges that don't wash me out...)

Congrats for reaching the end of this! I've kinda been holding off on posting all this for the past 2-3 years, since I was hoping to get my closet storage into order for taking Finds photos first (I'm still using shoeboxes instead of drawers lol!) but Angie's timely blog post reminded me that there's no time quite like the present! So what do you think? Anything else that I'm missing?

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