So here is my capsule for the bridge season as I call it which would be April and May - Then I move into a much more casual summer hour work wardrobe which will be my next capsule to build. It has taken me a solid year to really understand this concept.

Yes - I ended up doing a great deal of shopping for this capsule because it was non-existent in my wardrobe.
I took cues from Angie using the these two capsules

I feel the effort in the seasonal transition is so worth peace of mind in dressing every day for the next two months.

My goals:
1. To create basically garanimals for adults and make dressing super easy. I got there with my winter capsule.
2. Bring some color back into my wardrobe - I went gray, black and navy with winter and want some color back
3. Create a wardrobe I will be able to build off of in the future and have pieces that will transition into my summer capsule

What I ended up with:

8 toppers
1. black leather - perfect weight for bridge season
2. Beige
3. offwhite faux leather motorcycle
4. Denim Blazer (This is a close look to what I have)
5. Coral Blazer
6. Black Blazer (Thinking I want to add a navy blue instead) we will see
7. not picture a long white blazer
8. Not picture long Navy blue sweater

10 Tops:
I have really shifted from dress to pants and skirts this year so I have had purchase a great deal of shirts
1. off -White with blue details
2. Coral lace tank top
3. Black and white flower chiffon top - Angie pick and have never gone wrong with her picks when the match my aesthetic
4. Off white top - another angie pick
5. Off white animal print top - similar to an angie pic
6. Butterfly top with pink and coral and orange
7. Black top
Non - picture - 3 other tops from my wardrobe

Bottoms - not picture all in my wardrobe already
1. Denim skirt
2. Black ponte skirt
3. Black pants
4. Beige ankle pants
5. Gray ponte ankle pants
6. Navy pants
7. Navy skirt
8. Black leather skirt
9. Wild card - a blue floral skirt I adore.

2 Dresses:
1 Black
1 multi colored

All the tops go with all the toppers - Which is I love - something like 80 combos represented
All tops go with all the bottoms.
If pressed all topper and top combo's can go with the bottoms but some won't look the best.
All topper and top combo's go with a minimum of 4 of the bottom choices
Wild card skirt matches 5 tops and looks good with all toppers
Dress goes with all topper

The only thing I really have to shop for until summer is a Navy suit - Which is something I have wanted to add for a while.
Thinking about adding a wild card of red pants

Next Steps: Wednesday I pack up my winter stuff and move this selection of work clothes into my closet - I will take some pictures of the actual

All comments and suggestions welcome.