I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm not in a wardrobe shopping frame of mind these days -- I bought a good bit last year, wearing opportunities are not abundant, and I'm enjoying my wardrobe to the extent I can with limited social life these days (still hunkering down until Omicron subsides more). My wardrobe is working well for me at the moment. We are working on home renovation plans, so I'm channeling my creative energy on that, and I'm finding it easy to assemble an easy casual outfit every day. It's a good place to be in, and I'm happy to take a break from shopping.

My single purchase since the start of the year are these Sorel boots. I have been wearing my old Sorel hiking boots (second find) a LOT. This winter has also been colder than recent ones, so the idea of another warm pair of boots was very appealing. I've also been wearing my gray lug-sole boots (third Find) a lot, so I thought it wise to got another pair of gray. My gray Bao Bao bag has quickly become my new go-to bag, and my favorite new coats work well with gray, so additional gray footwear makes even more sense.

The new Sorel boots are seriously comfy and warm. Waterproof and nicely lined. They're roomy in the width, but I can lace them snugly and they work fine. My only quibble with them is that the laces come untied a bit too easily -- I may try some other laces.