Despite saying that ruffles, flounces, and puffs are not for me, I do have a few!
I bought the top two pieces this year, both on consignment.
The short sleeve top has slightly puffy sleeves, not obvious from pic. Generally I dislike short sleeves, but the slight puff feels more feminine than most. Too hot for summer, of course, but good for early spring and late fall.
The skirt is getting quite a lot of wear. I like the diagonal shape of the flounces much more than the horizonal ones in the shops now.
The short jacket is good for summer AC. Haven't worn it this year though, since I'm no longer in the office.
The teal blouse has layered ruffles. I don't wear it much cause I don't like wearing teal with black, and it's also only for transitional weather.

The rest are in the form of bell sleeves that I've had for a long time, and I'm quite sure the dresses don't fit RN. I do wear the black blouse a lot in winter, and the long cardigan in November and December. It's as warm as some of my coats.