Ladies, romantic weekends are often far and few in between with my busy schedule, so whenever the opportunity arises, I grab it by both horns!

I think it's important to take this time to rekindle your relationship and to also show off your style skills. I absolutely love planning my outfits for weekends away and try to mix it up with cutesy and sexy looks!

I have been in a relationship for some time now and it can be hard to make time for each other, so here are my style tips:


I like to get my eyelashes done before we go on a romantic weekend, as it means that it's one less thing to worry about, they look wispy, flirty and I absolutely love them!

I think that blush can be really beautiful and flirtatious if you do it right. I always opt for a cloud-like blush that looks really natural and sheeny on my face - paired with a bronze and highlight, this is the perfect date night look.


Like I said, I try to mix up my outfits to have the right balance between sexy and sweet. Date night for us often consists of going for food and drinks, which is pretty standard, but I'm a big foodie so I love it!

I like to have a fine line between sexy women's loungewear and comfortable clothing, as it's the best way to switch things up. Here's some of my favourite looks:

nighttime causal:

date night essentials:

Everybody is different and date night should be celebrated however you want it to! I like to wear clothes that make me feel confident, as it really helps me to settle down and enjoy the evening instead of worrying what people think!

Would love to hear your romantic weekend essentials!

Alice xox

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