You look lovely in that dress, Sharan! And what a fabulous souvenir of Paris!
It looks trendy with the metallic booties, but I agree with Denise that a pair of delicate heels would be pretty, too.

So pretty. The fabric looks very luxe. I like it best with the peep toe booties and sandals. And I prefer the long necklaces in 6 and 8 (keeping with the 20s theme) but I think no 7 works too. I prefer it without the waist drawn up.

What a gorgeous souvenir! This dress is simple, but very distinctive. I like it best in #6 and #8.

Stunning dress. Great shape, drape, length, colour, fabric and so French! The quality looks good and it is both classy and classic enough to wear for many years. It looks absolutely lovely on you, especially worn long with long necklaces and lighter, delicate shoes. Give the sneakers a big miss though.

I love the delicate verticality and 1920s sensibility of the long looped necklace in #8; it suits the dress, I think. Looks beautiful on you, and must be a dream to wear.

Love love love that dress and you wear it beautifully! I prefer the peep toes as more modern than a strappy sandal, but I'm like you in that I need a little heft to my shoe or my feet look out of place. I also really like the chunky pendant for the same juxtaposition against the gossamer dress.

My word! Thank you all for your comments and ideas.
Carla, I like the idea of winterizing--or autumnizing it anyway--by trying it layered over pants. Thank you!

Happy birthday you gorgeous Parisian traveler, Sharan! I love your new silk dress with drop waist, which is so feminine and flirty and can float on so many different shoe choices due to its light and airy nature.

I love the first pair, especially, and ballet flats are also great options. Best wishes on an exciting year ahead.

Fabulous dress on you and what a great Parisian souvenir! I like #8 best because the necklace and Mary Jane footwear matches the 1920's flapper sensibility best. The modern sneakers are too heavy and jarring with the delicate dress. I also prefer it un-cinched to keep it loose and floaty.