I don't have many pieces older than 10 years. I joined YLF in 2014 and here are my finds from pieces older than that!!

These are all in my main wardrobe and worn from once a year to several times a month in season. The red silk blouse, black blouse, white belt and camel boots might not last the year as they are showing some wear. The Bailey 44 dress and green silk blouse only come out once a year or so but I have hung on to them.

Also (not in finds) are some other things I have that are older than 7 years:

1) Cobalt blue dress (from my 2010 40th) - still fits but feels dated
2) Oyster dress - purchased as a bridesmaid dress in 2008 but worn here to a beach wedding - still fits but not many occasions to wear
3) Red silk dress - this one does not fit....I do love it though. Circa 2005
4) My Underarmour Hoodie - 2011 or 2012 and so so so well worn. This is a hero piece and I still really like it. Definitely in the gear category but it would be worn twice a week all year for 8-9 years so must have had thousands of wears.

Unlike Angie and Suz I don't have outerwear that has lasted - this is a reflection of climate and that I have not heavily invested in this area.

What has made these a success? Colour, quality fabric and a good fit.

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