And last but not least... week 4 of my November challenge, which I outlined here

So each week, I want to have a day in which I wear:
1. No black.
2. Something new
3. Colour other than cobalt
4. Dress or skirt
5. Something that I rarely wear, and analyze why
6. Dress for errands/casual.
7. YLF ensemble or outfit inspired

I can cover off more than one of these in a given day.

1-2:  Monday was a PD day, so I was off with the girls... we ended up out and about the whole day.  It was pouring, so chose skinny jeans to wear with my rain boots.  Changed into skirted leggings for book club in the evening.  #6,4

3:  Debut of the black version of the floral sweater, and also the debut of the Sloan flares.  #2, #3

4.  New scarf... oh, and new pants as well... these are the Sloan five pocket leggings.  These pants are AMAZING.  I'm going to get them in black as well I think (these are navy)... they fit like slim/skinny pants, but with stretch.  And they are long(ish).  I can see the black ones being skinny jeans that can dress up - perfect travel pants.  Now, I need another pair/style of black pants like a hole in the head, but hey. #1,2,3

5.  Another PD day.  Today I took the girls to the Clay Cafe to make Christmas presents - it was a lot of fun.  They painted for over three hours! I can't wait to pick the pieces up, they were beautiful.  Sloan navy "leggings" again.  So #1,2,6.

6.  And now for the analysis outfit.  This cardigan was purchased three-four years ago, before I discovered I shouldn't wear grey. But I just haven't been able to bring myself to purge this particular piece.  So I decided to give it a go as part of this challenge.  What say you?  I actually didn't mind it - I think having the stark white next to my face helped.  I love the shape, and the angles in the pattern.  Probably wouldn't buy it now, but I think it may still have a place in my wardrobe.  Would really welcome your thoughts on this.  This was somewhat inspired by an old ensemble post of Angie's "Cardigan jeans booties"  #1,5

7.  Forgot to take a photo, but this is basically a repeat of something worn a while ago (as you can see by my hair!).  For Saturday chaos.  Worn with rubber boots as it was raining yet again.  #1,3,6

There you go!  Challenge November completed.  Now to move on to "festive December".  I'd welcome any feedback you may have over my November outfits and challenge in general.  Thanks for following along!

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