A week or so ago, Laura (rhubarbgirl) posted about interest in a Nov challenge, and that got my wheels turning. I do love a good challenge, however it needs to be suited to me, and what I hope to achieve/learn about. Unfortunately the ones on that thread didn't strike me as "challenging" for me personally, and I'm afraid I don't have enough time or energy these days just to have "fun"

One of the best challenges I've done was a year ago, which was dubbed "the Una challenge". What Una did was challenged herself to wear five different silhouettes over the course of a week. I took this and modified it for myself, to force some variety So this year, I'm going to do the same thing. But different.

Funny, the season has only just changed, and I already feel I'm slipping back into old FFBO habits... which makes no sense given the huge wardrobe upgrade/expansion etc that I did last year. So it's a perfect time to force myself to be a bit more inventive. I wonder if it's got anything to do with the shorter days and that desire to hibernate?

Each week I want to have a day in which I: (and this does include weekends, not just the work week)
1. Wear no black.
2. Wear something new. I have about a half dozen new items from NAS and other minor shopping excursions that I want to make sure get into rotation.
3. Wear a colour that isn't cobalt
4. Wear a dress or skirt
5. Wear something that I hardly wear. This would be an older item... my stylebook app tells me things I've worn the least, I hope to go through the seasonally appropriate "losers" on this list and wear them. Then really think about why they aren't getting worn... is it time to move it on, should I be wearing it, is it needing something to wear with, etc.
6. This one again: Don't go out of the house wearing something I wouldn't wear out of the house. Yes, I've slipped back into doing the odd errand in my Lulu's and a hoodie. Public confession and plea for forgiveness. (Mind you, my Lulu's aren't tight yoga pants, they are the wide legged ones!)
7. Wear something YLF inspired. This can be one of Angie's ensembles, or something inspired by a YLFer. Just something to make me think a little differently, wear or pair things a little differently.

And I am allowed to take care of more than one of these in one outfit.

Is anyone else interested in coming up with their own list of things they want to work on, or of variety they want to inject, and joining me in this?