I'm with Greg - these are super cute on you!

Really nice! And of course Frye has been making incredibly high quality leather footwear for ages. With you being a white shoe lover, and Greg also loving these, the splurge seems very well worth it!

I'm inspired to wear my white Stan smiths today . Great new sneakers for you!

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. Sneakers are SOOOOO on trend. And white sneaks especially. I'm glad to be building my collection - and even happier to have happy feet.

Great sneaks - love white leather and wear mine all the time.

Great sneaks and super with that jeans like the color of jeans, so cute.

Frye sneakers! Who would have guessed. Glad you found your pair! They are cute on you.

Those look really great on you, Angie.

Nice kicks! Those will look great with just about everything.

Very nice on you. I don't have any white sneakers, but will stick with the tennies I already have. I notice I prefer sandals and booties to sneakers most of the time, so I have plenty for my needs. However, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for some adidas superstars

Super cute! I've been looking for something similar (but not that pricey). I haven't found them yet and it will be too hot for sneakers in a month or so.

love these! glad you found the white sneaker that works for you

I love the look of these low sneakers on you and look at those colors! Today I 'm wearing white sneaks in your honor...white perforated Cons with inserts for cushiness. Finds is not allowing me access to my finds to post the ones I'm wearing. Do the Fryes need to be broken in? I am very happy and my feet are happy that fashion sneakers are on trend.

I'm a stickler about foot flattery, in addition to foot comfort. These sneaks look so perfect on your foot, and I'm so glad they suit your daily activities, like going to the park with Sam.

I'm ready to put my new dove grey Adidas Neo to the test ---

Super cute!!! I always enjoy seeing a glimpse of your decor too. Love that dining set.

Wow, this is quality indeed, love them, post grassy soggy walk, still as new out of the box!

They look great, Angie!

I am thrilled any time I see sneakers. I like these very much. I don't think the price is excessive when you consider the cost of foot pain.

THANKS, ladies. The three of us are off for a little casual getaway today, and I'm wearing my new sneaks all weekend WITH my pearls.