Stunning coat. and I'm always partial to alpaca.

Always love your looks and your palette, K! Great maxi.

Let me add my voice to the chorus. What I love best about this look is that the luxurious overcoat has traditional (masc) cut, fabric, color and you've paired it with jeans and boots and somehow this all serves to highlight your feminine strength and beauty!

OMG, pure LOVE!! I adore this. I wish I could find my own version. You look fabulous in this coat.

Great score! Color is fabulous.

Beautiful piece of tailoring here and you wear it well .

Gorgeous. I love the colour.

What a find! I love the color on you even if it isn’t your usual jam

This is a gorgeous coat and you look very elegant. I have a long coat that I made a couple years ago. I wish we will have a cold winter so I can wear my coats often.

Gorgeous, gorgeous coat.

My goodness that is a stunning coat! Wow, it just looks like it was made for you. Wear it with everything and anything including your gorgeous scarves!

Echoing everyone else, this coat is impeccable and looks fantastic! I feel like the color will be super versatile for you--I'd throw it on over just about everything.

I recently bought an Escada blazer from TheRealReal and thought of you :).

Wow, I am so glad you bought this coat, it is beautiful, and the quality is evident. I don't have any maxi coats, although I love the elegance of them. My issue is that I have a number of midi coats already and don't have a cold enough climate to justify buying any more coats, my favourite midi coats are in finds. I am just going to have to enjoy seeing maxi coats on you and others.

I am excited to see the range of outfits you make with this coat. I imagine it is a great backdrop to your stunning scarf collection.

Thank you very much for looking and for the lovely comments. I am thrilled that you all like the coat and many like the color.

Angie, thank you for the fantastic feedback. You have so beautiful coats - such true classics. I would love both for my wardrobe too, and the red one would be especially perfect

BlueJay - that is a beautiful coat, great you decided to wear it with not so dressy outfits too. I love the grey color paired with the cream cords, what a chic outfit.

Bonnie, wow! That coat is fantastic, so different and fun. What a great gift.

Roberta, a long shearling sounds great. I bet it’s beautiful and dramatic as well as warm. What color is it?

Cardiff girl, I hear you. I also use a car a lot where we live and winters here are quite humid and windy, so my workhorses are normally long puffers for walking or shorter coats for car. But I will use this one for dressier occasions and since it is roomy, it will be possible even to insulate with a thin windbreaker if needed.

Minaminu, a black maxi coat sounds great and it would be perfect for me. No wonder you wear it with everything.

JP, that coat is fabulous, love the color and the material. You look great. And you have made it? How amazing!

Jonesy, nice to be thought of, thank you. I am intrigued by your Escada blazer. What is it like? Have you posted about it earlier?

Bijou, your coats are a dream. I want them all!

Lovely coat and you look as stylish as always. I don’t have a maxi coat. I did but I gave it away after 10 years as it was too big for me. I wish I’d kept it now as it seems oversized Is in.

Lovely, just lovely! You are so statuesque and I always love blues on women with dark hair. I agree...wear it with everything!

Your ecru bag will look fabulous with this coat Katerina!!

Helena, thank you for thinking of this! It will look good together.