I've been open to a pair of the right gold boots for years, but often found them too garish, chunky and high heeled. Well. They found me yesterday, very unexpectedly. EXTREMELY comfortable, beautifully made, refined, good fit, and with my favourite heel height of one inch. (I only realized that I got them on sale today).

I hesitated for a couple of hours because the brogue detailing might be too masculine - but ultimately decided that the gold was girly, which took them back into "pretty" territory. Sorted.

I wore them out to a client meeting today. (Go Team Wear). I wore them with Dutch orange pants, navy t-neck, gold belt, orange bag and citron coat. Exact items in Finds. My old gold belt match the boots perfectly. Felt fab and am sooo glad I'm keeping them.

Bonus: Bumped into Anna (Annagybe) at Nordies today, who saw me in the outfit, and we had a good yak. Always fun to see Anna. She JUST bought two pairs of sunnies - which I loved.