I’ve been going on about these tops for a while; time to write a review. I “discovered” them towards the end of the year. At first I got a sleeveless one to go with pants I’d like to wear next summer. It is so yummy and easy to wear that, in a rare act of duplication, I ordered one more sleeveless white one, two ls white, and one ls navy.

They are very lightweight cotton and silk body-con tops. The fabric has “channels” in it, a bit like ribbing or corduroy, but the “up” part of the wale is much wider than the “down” part. Maybe someone will fill in that vocabulary word for me. What that construction does is let the fabric adapt to fit your body without looking “stretched” or tight anywhere.

Cotton and silk are favorites of mine, for their breathability. Silk is also magic in that it’s warm in winter and cool in summer. The tops feel very light on, but definitely keep me warm on chilly days. They just feel lovely on.

The sleeves (featured in lots of the pix on the site) are just the right length for me. They nearly reach the bones of my wrist. I’m comfortable wearing that length by itself, but it’s also easy under sweaters (probably under blazers too, but I don’t usually wear blazers).

They are body-con, but not in a “display” kind of way: more just that they lie very close to the body with no weird bunching up, so they work well under other items, but I plan to wear them on their own when it’s warm enough.

No, they aren’t paying me commission—but they should!


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