Wow, is there a theme to my NAS purchases or what? I just plugged in the Finds for this post and realized they are all firmly in my existing style preferences, which is fine. I didn't NEED anything going into the sale (although I did refresh the bra capsule with a couple of purchases in that department). But some lovely things did tempt me.

Of course, there was the snafu with the Fuzzi dress, which does not appear to have come back into stock, and I'll keep an eye out, but I'm not overly invested in it. If it comes back and I try it and it looks absolutely amazing, I'll happily wear it for years to come, but I have no expectations.

I've already used the black patterned scarf and the TB bag. Love both!

I have not yet debuted the TB scarf/wrap, but I've literally been out of town ever since I bought it. For me, I think it will be the kind of piece I can layer even in cooler weather, over a column of black for instance, but if I start getting the feeling that this piece won't get worn, I'll return it. But it's really beautiful, so I want to try it! I will make a point of testing it out in an outfit this week to see if it is easy to wear and flattering enough.

I tried the smaller size in the windowpane sweater, but hated how the lines in the pattern swerved out around my boobs, so back went the S. I ordered the M to give it another try, but if it really feels too much like I'm in between sizes, I won't hesitate to return it.

I'm excited to wear the embroidered jacket when the weather cools off. Hubs loved it so it's a keeper.

The last thing to arrive was the MK leather-trimmed long jacket. I have gotten so much wear out of my long jackets/toppers, especially my black one, that I liked the idea of finding another one. And hubs confessed he is not the biggest fan of the BCBG black jacket (knock me over with a feather, I had no idea). The BCBG has been worn a ton, and is starting to show signs of wear. The MK jacket is unlined, but it's wool and a bit heavier than my existing long black jacket, but I love the fit and the style. I've only tried it on over my summer outfit, not styled, but it feels very "me." I'll try to style it and post pics soon. If it passes that test, I think it's a keeper.

I tried a couple of pairs of jeans -- the W&W split-hem jeans were horrible on me, but the Paige "high waist" Hoxton skinnies were actually pretty good. A little short since they're "ankle" length, but I think with booties they would be OK. They're on back order until the end of September though. Considering I just found another pair of very good skinnies for me at Levi's in SF, I probably don't need the Hoxtons too. I eyed some of the other cut-hem styles, but honestly I can DIY some of those from my old existing jeans.