I will just post them as finds. I didn't find much this year. To be honest I'm trying to avoid shopping unless I think I need something.

I have the Aquatalia Obsession boots being shipped so I don't know yet if they will work for my fussy feet. Due to the cost I hope not, but I also like the idea of a tall flat black boot for my skinny calves. The waterproofness is an added bonus. I bought the Sam Edelman Louie fringe bootie in black. It isn't an anniversary item but I need a black low heeled bootie & I have this in taupe already so I know it is comfortable. I don't really want another bootie in the same style but comfort is hard to come by for me. Even though I feel the need for a bootie & a tall boot in black I will return these if the tall one works, as I can't buy it all. I really wanted the Vince NAS pointy toed chelsea bootie but the narrow toe box hurt me. They are so gorgeous if you have a narrow foot. They are more dressy than the SE, which was what I wanted. Oh well.

I bought the Halogen skirt in cream & black, which isn't part of anniversary & was full price but it is the color I wanted. It looked great with the Chelsea28 sweater. I learned from YLF to spend more to get what you like instead of something else that is cheaper. Within reason of course. I don't mean buy the Chanel 2.55 instead of the Rebecca Minkoff when the Chanel is out of your budget. I mean buy the color or version that you like best or suits you best. Sometimes in the past it wouldn't even be spending less money that would sway me but perceived practicality, like buying in black because it goes with everything when the item only looked great in another color.

I'm not sure if the Betsey Johnson bra will work out for me but it was the only bra I could find in 30DD in store to try on. I will have to check out the Wacoal Angie likes because she wears a similar size. I ordered it in grey, which I'm not sure will look good on me but the blue & pink were too bright & I can get black & white ones more easily & I have a spaghetti strap cami in grey with silver sequins to wear it with.

I also stocked up on a white, black & beige BP cami. These are Angie's preferred daily under everything cami. I have found the ones I already have useful.