On my fall shopping list there were two pairs of leather sneakers - in cream/beige and in black. I wanted to add it to my collection of white leather, black knitted ones and rarely worn suede grey pair.
I ordered 4 pairs. Two of them fitted relatively well. Sneakers are not the most comfortable shoes out of box for me and require some breaking in period. But it is manageable.
And then, I returned them all.
In the last few weeks, I’ve been out in the city more often, traveling through some popular neighborhoods. And there and everywhere I could see literally everyone was wearing sneakers. Ok, I exaggerate but I saw a lot of sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, I like them on people and on myself. And I understand they are comfortable. Yet, pre-Covid I never had more than one pair in my wardrobe.
How on earth did I get the idea that I need more? Am I so easily influenced by others? Why not to buy some proper shoes like loafers or oxfords that can also be comfortable?
Scratching my head here

And for you, sneakers loving friends - sneakers are great, enjoy them if they work well for you. I mean no offense But just our of curiosity, how many pairs do you have?