Oh I love #1 - the plaid shirt looks perfect with those white jeans and animal print belt. It looks great with the shoes you paired it with and would also look great with the white Munro loafers. I am kicking myself (pun intended) for not getting those when they were available at Nordies in my size. Zappos has them, but not on sale like at Nordies

Wow, all 4 are great outfits! Very impressive that you could think of autumn and winter outfits in the middle of summer.

Love the shirt and how it can do so many "tricks" in your stylings.

What are those white SHOES!!! Killer!

Thank you!

Greyscale, yes, the white cropped sweater is from Zara. I bought the same one in black as well.

Karie, those are the white Munro loafers in #2

Karymk, the white loafers are from Munro, an Angie pick. Still available at Amazon:


SO FAB!! Love the fall stylings in particular!

And we are white Munro loafers twins!

You could have stepped out of the pages of In Style!

I also have it in both black and white! What a funny coincidence. (I meant to return one color but missed the return deadline. Now I wear both so much more often than I expected.)

Fantastic all-season shirt for you, Tanya. It works into the wardrobe perfectly. I think I like the last version best of all, but is that because I have a crush on those booties???

Are they comfy? (Signed, your taupe loving sister-in-fashion-crimes...)

By the way, we will be berry tunic twins.

Thank you!

Greyscale, a funny coincidence indeed. I am looking forward to seeing how you wear your sweaters.

Suz, the booties are medium comfy. I'd say about 6h with an insert. They heel is wide but still ~3' tall, and the sole does not have much cushioning. How fun that we are twins yet again! Considering the color of that tunic, I am not surprised at all.

Just ordered the white munros! Hope they work out. You and Angie and MaryK look good in them.