Reporting in a day early, but I'm pretty sure I won't be buying anything new in the next 48 hours!

In our yearlong shopping challenge, I committed to buying 31 or fewer items (not counting undergarments).

January - 0 items

February - 5 items

March - 2 items

April - 2 items

May - 4 items

Another big month in May. I added new jeans, a casual tank top for my theme park capsule, and two pieces of gear: a swimsuit and a hoodie. This brings my total for the year to 13 items. All my 2019 purchases are in Finds below and in the linked collection. I've retired 17 items this year, so my wardrobe is shrinking. All in all, I have 113 items in my closet, if I count all categories except underwear and sleepwear (though I am counting sleep/lounge in my 31 items and my retirements. If you're curious, adding sleep/lounge would boost my total wardrobe count to 132 items).

Except for the Mickey tee (which has some personal meaning), I'm pleased with the sustainability of my new purchases. The Madewell jeans are from their eco/fair trade collection and are made of sustainably-dyed organic cotton. The Athleta hoodie is made from recycled polyester. And in general, Athleta is a certified B-corp, which requires them to be more transparent and meet more stringent ethical standards than other divisions of Gap.

And, as an added benefit...I sent my husband a pic of me trying on the new swimsuit and got back three heart-eyes and drool emoji, so I guess it's a winner. (The find, btw, is only for the top, but I am counting both pieces as a single