It’s definitely been an interesting year. Late in the summer, I realized my place of employment was probably not going to be financially stable much longer and applied for, and was hired for, the same type of work in a city an hour’s drive from our house. At the same time, I was hired to teach organ lessons at the university in the same city, an hour away. So during the last three months, I’ve needed to adjust to two brand new jobs and as much as 10 hours of driving every week. I love both jobs and think the change was a very positive one, but this fall has been over-the-top crazy busy much of the time. One unplanned outcome is that I’ve lost more than 10 lbs, simply because there’s often not time to eat! A couple favorite pairs of pants are now way too big and I’ve had to set them aside. Other things fit better than they used to. Truly, I’ve had basically no time to think about my style beyond trying to make sure there’s something clean to wear every day.

Including a few pieces of costume jewelry, I’ve added almost 40 items to my wardrobe this year (all prior to fall, when my employment changed). It’s been a fantastic year for midi skirts and midi dresses for me, and I added several of each. I also added several tops—maybe too many—because they’re easy for me to fit. I bought a denim jacket for spring and fall and was gifted another one, in purple, which I love. I also bought a plum colored raincoat from Costco, of all places, which I also really like. I added a handful of shoes, a few blouses, and a couple pairs of summer-weight pants.

I could use one or two pairs of warm winter pants for work, and my jeans capsule needs updating. Full-length pants and jeans are really challenging for me to find because of my long legs. I generally have to purchase them online, and often when I find a pair I like, they’re already gone in my size.

Also worth mentioning is that a friend passed along to me dozens of tops, sweaters, blazers, and jackets this fall, which no longer fit her since she lost weight. She has great taste and is very discriminating in her buying, so all of the items are high quality. The interesting thing to me is that, although I truly love about half a dozen of them, I’m finding that I actually prefer the things I select and purchase over most of the items she gave me, even though I appreciate their quality, the fact that they are good colors for me, and also the fact that they didn’t cost me anything. They just don’t feel like “me” as much as what I choose myself.

Because of all these new and unplanned additions, and because I am rather slow to let go of things, my wardrobe is larger than I like right now. I’m finding that some of my wardrobe favorites aren’t being worn much because I try to be somewhat even in my wears of work and casual clothes.

If and when I can find some time, I think a good wardrobe culling would be in order.

I have no recent outfit pics; here’s one with me and DH at our son’s high school graduation last May. I’m wearing one of the new midi dresses, from Boden, and my mom’s old denim jacket. I want pink shoes to wear with this dress. Ignore the silly pose; I didn’t know the picture was being taken. Oh, and this is before losing weight.

I also added Finds for just a few of my 2019 additions. Each of these has been a workhorse for me.

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