Oh, I have LOVED reading everyone's posts, so thoughtful. Here are mine:

I believe that no one cares more about what I look like than I do. Style to me is not only a visual thing, but a visceral thing. The way I look on the outside and the way I FEEL in a look are at least equally important, and often the feelings are actually more important than what I look like to others (especially days when I don't actually interact with anyone outside my household!) Just to be clear, this doesn't mean I dress in pajamas everyday. What feels good doesn't mean ultimate comfort. It means colors and shapes that intrigue me. Many times it means wearing beautiful jewelry and perfect makeup. Interestingly, I've worn a couple outfits around my house happily (quite dressy) and then when I wore them out to an appointment I felt self-conscious in them, because I knew they weren't traditionally flattering and that many folks were probably raising their proverbially eyebrows. I try to resist the urge to bend to this feeling because I know for the most part this is a very fleeting judgement on their part, and that most folks, including myself, don't have much energy to spend too much time worrying about what someone ELSE looks like. Nevertheless it did take some of my joy in the outfit so I'm trying to work through this. I don't want to avoid wearing things I like because of this!

I value experimentation, inventiveness, and individuality in my style.
I also value physical and psychological comfort, but it does require some balance with the former because sometimes playing around with style creates some outfits that challenge my psychological comfort. OTOH, if I miss an opportunity to play with an idea that also makes me sad!
I also value a curated wardrobe. I do not like to have "dead weight" in my closet as it causes me to lose some creative power.
In addition, sustainability, washability, size equity, and fair trade practices of the brands and garments I bring in to my closet is extremely important. Just as in the rest of my life, I think being a good earth-citizen is crucial, because we are all truly connected.

I chuckled at Angie's "playful" personality because while I love the play with ideas, I am not at all drawn to actually playful clothing. I don't even wear polka dots.
I tend to be drawn to outfits and garments that have some historical/antique references.
I find that for my body type, color, and personality that clothing with softness works very well: soft textures, sheerness, round or blurred prints, lower contrasting color combinations or colors that are on the muted side of things.
Softness doesn't rules out boldness, though! I do love statement items and tend to prefer even my basics to have something interesting about them.