Oy, vey, the trouble I am in!

Taking a cue from MaryK, who alerted us to a Gap sale on the weekend, I jumped on the sexy boyfriend bandwagon and ordered 2 pair: one size up from usual, and 2 sizes up from usual.

They came today.

I put them on.

Husband came in. Gave me the once over. And announced: Wow! THOSE ARE GREAT!!

Meanwhile, my daughter was examining them. I had also ordered jeans for her, but hers didn't fit. While I was trying on one size of the sexy BFs, she grabbed the other and pulled them on.

"Mum, can I keep these?" she said.

YLF friends, help me out here, please. Will my daughter steal my boyfriend? Should I let her?

Is my husband mad? Because I must admit, figure flattering on short-legged moi, these jeans are NOT.

Up for consideration: 2 pairs of sexy boyfriends. Please note, both have dropped crotch and hang on my hips, both are removable without undoing the zip. The 4s are snugger on the bottom.

1-3: Sexy BF, 2 sizes up from my regular.
4: unrolled. They actually fit a bit like painter pants I had in the 70s!!
5-7: 1 size up from normal

Also showing a cable knit sweater, super sale deal on this one - came to $12.99 - and I am keeping because I love the colour.

My questions: should I keep either of the boyfriends? If so, which one? Or should I just stick with my old boyfriend, the slouchy skinny from BR? (Final pic) Those fit probably a bit more like the True Religion ones Angie linked to in her blog post. They do hang on my hips and are loose in the bum but are more narrow and more tapered in the legs overall. The denim is very heavy duty, not as soft and slouchy as the Gap's.

Thank you for your thoughts - and apologies for my mussed hair/ lack of makeup today.

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