after seeing Marianna and Briar in their Olivia Moon blouses and realizing that I've had the purple version in my wish list for some time, I was wondering why I hadn't bought it yet. Then I remembered... it's the sleeves. I feel that it's generally too warm to wear a 3/4 length sleeve here during the summer (other than on a cool evening) and come winter, it will be too cold... I need my arms covered in winter. This is my beef with short sleeve sweaters too. If I need to bundle up in a sweater, I need my arms covered.

Can anybody relate? I know that in theory, these types of blouses/sweaters would be great for spring and fall, but it seems that here we go from winter to summer almost overnight. The summer to winter transition is almost the same way, but perhaps a bit more subtle. So I guess around here October and November tend to be more temperate months, but I still don't feel that I get a ton of wear out of lightweight long or 3/4 sleeve blouses.
Anyone else live in a climate like this?