Angie, I've been observing the turn to earth tones over the past few years and find it really interesting and inspiring. I can't go in that direction myself for reasons of flattery, but I am making a similar turn towards clearer brights and also multiple shades of grey as a neutral.

I always liked grey but it wasn't much represented in my closet before. The reason has partly to do with our winter weather. Although I enjoy the colour and find it extremely flattering (esp. now with my hair), living in a grey city with grey winter weather makes me so sad!! Adding too much more grey to my closet is enough to bring on a full depression. The only way it is possible for me is with a strong mixture of happy brights. I think this is similar to your own strategy with the more somber earth tones. Lighten them and brighten them with other pieces and suddenly they become do-able.

Sheila, here's how to do a Custom Find. I have to admit I have not yet catalogued my own items this way but I plan to do it this fall.

I love your choices and love Autumn tones in my wardrobe.

Jenn, burnt orange is more rust than orange, and more orange than rust.

Thanks Naz, Joy, Sterling, and always trying.

Mac, as a lover of earth tones, I bet you were pleased to see the first capsule. I know you need your sunnies for the second!

Jaime, I HIGHLY recommend cataloging your wardrobe. Use Custom Finds. I apprecaite the kind words.

DonnaF, HIGH FIVE. Must have happy brights year round to make me happy.

Amiable, sure. Jenn does exatly that.

Rachy, I’ll leave the pink hair to you and Lilypup.

Shelia, as Suz kindly mentioned, you can use the Custom Finds feature for that. Yes, I photograph against a white wall.

Suz, EXACTLY. It’s the same strategy with different colours. We need “our happy colours” to help us through those grey days - which in Seattle is almost daily in the Autumn & Winter. As brilliant as grey is with your silver hair, you have to limit its representation in your wardrobe for the sake of your spirit. That’s probably why you fall back on blue regularly. Try a greyish olive and bone. (Btw, Greg wears a LOT of dark blue these days. Almost more than black and grey. His happy colour).

Wow, really pretty colors. And I love the mix with the brights. I'm much more a neutral person myself but I find lately that I am more attracted to the warmer tones than the cooler tones which are what I have loved for many years. I'm off to study these a little more...

Fun to see how colour oriented you are. I remember you shopping and scanning all the items in your colours in store, in 3 seconds
I'm more tuned to proportions and fit, I think. I wouldn't mind wearing only navy and white everyday.

Ah such beautiful color families, and they create such rich depth when paired!!!

Thank you for sharing - I'll miss the outfit posts so this'll be a temporary fix

Really beautiful Angie, great collection. I like earth tone especially for Autumn/Winter and you will combine both in the best way. I am curious to see that. .

Wow! These colors are really a big change for you! I've enjoyed seeing how you combine them with your trademark sour brights. Looking forward to seeing more of them!

I enjoy seeing your earthy toned items. I would like to add more myself. The wonderful thing about the way you wear them, with the sour brights, is that the bright colours really lift the earthy tones and you never end up looking drab (far from it in fact). I am trying to figure out a way I can reinsert brown and other earthy tones into my wardrobe without looking drab, seeing as I don't wear sour brights (or many brights at all actually!) I am thinking light tan and caramel tones might be the way to go for me. Not as dark as chocolate brown, even though I like chocolate brown. And lots of white. Thanks for the inspiration

Thanks for the reply, Angie. I'll have to check out your Instagram more often.

I love the earth tones. Thank-you so much for sharing.

Wow, that's quite a change, Angie-but am sure some items can be worn in both capsules, isn't it! I have had a color(&mood) transition completely on the reverse of yours here(just not that drastic, mainly inserting some brights and more whites only, but still) since joining YLF-it seems we periodically crave some healthly changes in all aspects of our lives!:-).

Gorgeous! The olive shades available this season are especially enticing, I think--even for an air-and-water-tones-only girl like me.

Robin, welcome to Team Colour. Have fun, and I hope you and your family are doing better.

Isabelle, we had a fab shopping time together. Good thing you rock navy and white.

Brooklyn, I wear a lot of cream with the earth tones - that's bright too, although neutral. You are on the right track. (The white in your dark patterned pieces brighten things up a LOT).

Mirjana, JuniperGreen, Ryce and Debbie, you are lovely as always.

Tulle, wecome to Team Earth Tones.

Lyn67, FUN changes your side.