I realized that a bunch of duplicated purchases this season have given me an easy workwear formula with plenty of variety. I think I'm going to try to stick to it for fall and winter this year, so laying out my finds has helped me to see the possible combos. I also wanted to share some finds I'm loving

Thanks for looking... input and riffs welcome!

For tops I rotate:

  • Crew neck sweater - all of these crew necks can accommodate shirts or turtlenecks underneath if I want extra layers
    • Duplicating the J Crew Tippi sweater is what set me on the path for this formula: black, navy, leopard print, and a painterly sort of b+w polka dot
    • I also have a J Crew leopard "sweatshirt" which is a knit and is dressier than it seems in the photo - I adore it! A bit bulky but a semi-tuck helps.
  • Turtleneck (added the gray Talbots stripe to my collection of J Crew tissue turtlenecks in black, b+w stripe, and olive)
  • Wild cards... collared or open necked tops in optic white when I want a brighter, lighter look.
I add a topper if I need it:
  • Navy Boden blazer (my first Boden piece and FAB quality, thank you Angie for the rec!)
  • Olive green Talbots blazer (no find)
  • Black Calvin Klein blazer (no find)
On bottom I rotate:
  • Black Talbots stretch ankle pants for a skinny silhouette, to wear with the tops untucked
  • Black Vince high waist pull-on trousers (GREAT quality and very comfortable), to wear with tops tucked in or semi-tucked
  • Green or purple (!) high waist pull-on trousers (this find here is an approximation of two fun pairs I picked up at a boutique), to wear with tops tucked in or semi-tucked.
  • WHBM jeans on Fridays - worn with a belt
For shoes I rotate:
  • Booties (very loyal to Blondo as they wear so well in the winter muck)
  • Loafers (so clunky and I love them... might even get them in a taupe color too)