Hi all, inspired by Angie's blog post today, I thought I'd create a collection of my footwear, as this is an area I tend not to give much thought too - I tend to wear the same shoes every day for the most part, and this part of my wardrobe is heavily weather-influenced.

In any case, here's the collection - a few of the items I think qualify as "just trendy enough" to keep the whole lot up-to-date, although there is nothing ground-breaking here - classic ftw I guess??

A few items, like the desert-style lace-up Blondo booties and cognac Lauren strappy sandals are probably a little tired stylewise (?) or maybe they are just classic enough? Open to feedback there

For the most part, I don't see any holes here and nothing is really calling to me - I love some of the lug sole loafers, etc., but I just don't see them getting enough wear to justify the cost - I'd rather buy a few tops instead! I didn't include my black Blondo ankle boots because they are so worn out after several years of constant wear that I think it's time for them to be retired - but I don't think I'll replace this year; I'm challenging myself to wear the burgundy ones instead without being so pedantic about matching them.

I do need a new cold weather purse - based on this collection, I know black would be the safe choice but I'm thinking maybe burgundy? What do you think?

Here's the link to the collection: https://youlookfab.com/finds/c.....tion=11745