Hi everyone,

For many weeks I've been lookin for nude or tan sandals with a bit of a heel, in a fairly pretty style, to wear with dresses and/or with white pants/tops, in more dressy situations. I think this has become my first official HEWI I wonder if any of you have any suggestions. I'm going to take a break and start looking again next week. I know it's getting a bit late in the season.

I have only two pairs of dressy sandals with a heel: an older version of the black find below, and the tomato ones (fingers crossed that the second size I ordered is the right fit). I'd really like a pair in a lighter neutral, ideally close to nude but tan is ok too.

Here are all the ones I've tried so far on my low volume feet, thanks in advance for any suggestions:

1 Gianni Bernini gold wedges. These are new and super comfy and will be my fallback if I don't find anything else. The wedge is a little lower and more casual than I'd like for the dressier option

2 CK nude patent: heel too high. Heels above 2 1/2 inches usually throw my hip/back muscles into muscle-pull-zone, even if the shoe itself is comfortable on the foot and well padded. 

3 Sofft Innis - tried these months ago and they were really comfortable but the wedge style is not quite dressy enough...or is it?

4 David Tate - only ok. I think these are Paul Green Cayenne or Munro Abbey wannabees and they don't quite cut it although this brand is really comfortable.

5 Kensie - Ok, but the leather detail is a bit too fussy for my taste and they don't feel like they'd be comfortable for much walking

6 The Halogen ones just don't look or feel all that great IRL.

7 Franco Sarto: the find is blue, I tried cognac, the heel was just a little too high to be comfortable

8 Bella-Vita: a top pick and I loved them, but the back of the sandal came up fairly high and cut into my Achilles area. .

9 similar to the black ones I own now

10 the tomato ones I own now

These are on my list to look for next

11 Munro Abbey in gold

12 Franco Sarto shooties