Twice a year I travel to Toronto to work at the giftware industry's largest trade show. As all of you who work in sales and attend shows know, it means 10 hours days on your feet, lots of distance to cover walking , and unpredictable heat/airconditioning situations.

Even though I've been working at this show for a few years now, I have never quite managed to have outfits I'm happy with.

I'm leaving for the show on Saturday and have been fretting about what to wear- because I have to plan the outfits from the shoes up. Standing is not a choice, it's mandatory , so it's all about comfortable foot wear. I fare better at the winter show because my booties are great for standing and walking, but the summer one leaves me feeling unpolished and poorly dressed.

Even though the sneaker trend is huge, it doesn't quite look right in a semi-professional setting like this. So - in thinking about how I will plan and work out my wardrobe " YLF-styles" - my first capsule definitely needs to be a trade show one. A couple of pair of some sort of shoes that work for this, and then build from there so that I have the look I like complete with footwear that works.

I'm not a flats girl, and only buy a pair here and there when something like this comes up- and even then, they look like after thoughts bought to be comfortable in. I end up buying some pair of shoes the day before I travel, and am never quite thrilled with them.

Does anyone out there have these work-related wardrobe issues to deal with? Or am I just being hit over the head with the obviousness of wardrobe capsuling ? How do you dress in flat and supportive footwear and build a work look around it?