Hi all hope you are doing fine! I've not been posting or checking the forum much because I'm on a shopping moratorium while finances recover from our recent renovation.

But, I'm desperate for new shoes!!! So I seek your help and guidance.

I've mentioned before that I was dx'ed with a B12 deficiency, apparently of long standing (at least 10 years). And that by the time they figured it all out, I had suffered nerve damage in my feet, which they thought (after a year of treatment) may be permanent. Basically I'd been walking around in shoes that didn't fit, blissfully not knowing they didn't fit at all.

Well... apparently the nerve damage is not permanent, as in the past few months it seems my nerves have healed and now 75% of my shoes HURT to wear!!! I realize now I was wearing the wrong size, or just couldn't feel the pinching with pointy toed shoes, and now I can. And, just, ugh. Most of my favorite standbys... can't even wear them longer than 5 minutes...

I don't necessarily need orthopedic / arch support type shoes, or even shoes that require insoles. I do need to size up 1/2 size for sure, and maybe I might need a wide width, or wider normal width, especially around the toe box area.

Most importantly perhaps is shoes that have a cushiony sole as I need some cushioning for my tender recovering feet. Have been living lately in wedge heel Arche booties that have lots of cushioning for tender newly regenerating nerves. This summer I lived in those sandals made with yoga mat soles, and that was perfect too.

Anyone else have this or similar (maybe it's similar to diabetic neuropathy?) and can give me some stylish recommendations?