I am changing things up with my fall color palette by adding some slightly warmer neutral tones…sand (NAS Boss suit) and chocolate (Mother Jeans). I am not able to do finds on my devices so I have included links. The jeans look much more golden/warm in the online photos than they do in person. They definitely work with ocean beach tones in my wardrobe. For colors, I added some brighter and maybe warmer green, citron, turquoise and teal items. One example is the lime TNF hoodie which I recently photographed along with my NAS purchases. I also purchased a light lime/citron tee to wear with my teal Veronica Beard blazer and with grey cardigans. Another new colorful item is the longer length light emerald Boss blazer (see link), which also plays well with the ocean colors in my closet. Finally, I added a new polar fleece to my gear capsule, also TNF…..Maui Blue (really love this color).

Thinking about Angie’s complements, I purchased some taupe/tan boots that will work with the sand Boss suit. I have a handbag that can work well enough, not perfect, so I’m not going to actively look but if I stumble upon something that draws my attention, I might buy. I have three pairs of dark brown tall boots..which is why I opted for the skinny jeans. I feel like wearing my tall boots again, so they are going back in my closet. I can already picture wearing a grey turtle neck, the brown jeans and tall brown boots. Add some turquoise earrings and my glasses and I think I will be very happy!