I've been inspired by Angie's and everyone's lists, even if I haven't commented, I've been reading them!

Here are some ideas on mine; I really am feeling so unsure of my wardrobe these days, and the fact that I can't easily ID my workhorses is a sign of the overall dysfunction!

1. Knit skinny trousers in black and olive - I've owned the same two pair of Vince pants for about 4 years now and they are in grave danger of wearing out; probably need to think about shopping carefully for replacements before it becomes an emergency.

2. Jeans - most often, a high-rise skinny pair in medium blue. Also have white (could use a pair of full length skinny white jeans, tho), light blue, dark blue in a collection of silhouettes. Just ordered a wide-leg cropped pair from J. Crew.

3. J. Crew Teddie cropped flairs. For some reason I just really liked the way these fit me, so now these are my only dress trousers...in black, navy, congac and white.

4. Oversized blouses & button-downs - Not sure if this is a good essential; they tend to tend my boobs, but I have a white shirt, a blue shirt They get worn fairly often for both casual and work. I feel like I "fight" with fitted tailored shirts, so over-sized feels a bit more wearable to me, if less figure flattering.

5. Cream & white blouses - I wear various cream or blouses under jackets and cardigans. I recently added a peasant-style one that's almost like a silvery-blush with a pleated crew neck. I think this is an area that I need to add to (I just ordered one from Etsy, see my WIO post).

6. Ankle booties. A solid 1/3 of my shoe collection are booties. This is probably a climate thing for me.

7. Linen trousers - I have two pair of linen trousers - one black, wide-legged and hemmed for flats, the other natural, flared and hemmed for heels. I typically find these essential during the summer.

8. Knit tops - I've been working on finding knitted tops and tees and now have a handful that are "just ok". This is something I'd like to work on this year.

9. Cropped sweaters - how did I end up with so many? I have five.

As for 2017 goals, I'd like to find some dresses that suit my style - they'll need to be casual but flattering which could be a tall order! Overall, my clothes have become much more casual than when I worked in a dressy office, and I'm trying to find balance again.

I went from a dressy office straight to working 85% from home, then had a baby, after which most of my dressy clothes stopped fitting anyway! Consequently, most of my clothes are newer. I've also spent much less per item than I had in the past, due to needing to replace so much in a short span. I think I'm ready to slow down and add fewer but better quality items this year.