Hi all, going to take a crack at these essentials! I've italicized the bits I'm not sure about. This is my list, which is fairly similar to last year:

  • fine-knit, body-skimming sweaters in dark neutrals/nearly neutrals (black, ink/navy, burgundy)
  • jeans in a polished cut and wash
  • crystal stud earrings, Fitbit watch, Tiffany olive branch bracelet
  • neutral striped t-shirts
  • belt with silver hardware (a new daily item I use as a finishing piece - is this an essential?)
  • black flat/low-heel shoes
  • fluid tees in neutral shades (navy, blush) (summer)
  • white jeans/shorts (summer)
  • white flats (Birkenstocks or sneakers) (summer)

I'm not sure where my outwear fits - I'm almost inclined to call it basic, since I only wear it out of absolute necessity. But, I would say dark blue outerwear, of which I have two pieces that are worn almost constantly in cold weather, would be the most essential item.

What do you think? Am I close?