I've been a fan of YLF for almost three years and really enjoy Angie's yearly essentials posts. This year, I think I starting to get it and am going to try to do it myself.

I live in a community which is a winter haven for snowbirds, so our weather is an ideal escape this time of year. This really drives my wardrobe for nine months a year. For three months each year, we escape the heat here and travel in our MH to beaches and mountains. I wear hiking and casual camping clothes for these summer trips, so my list excludes them and focuses on the 9 month at home wardrobe. We have mostly warm, 80F days, many days in the 70f's, and very few in the 60F's.

Cooler weather days: Shoes: black boots, black and blue sneakers. Pants: Jeans, black skinny, black crop flares, dark blue skinny, and distressed blue skinny. Toppers and layering tops: I have a nice variety and try to wear them all or donate them so no favorites. Accessories: Black Handbag and necklaces.

Warm weather days: Shoes: white and black sandals, and white sneakers. Pants: White jeans, white crop flares, faded blue jeans, and dark blue crop flares. Dresses, Tunics, and Shirts: I have a big variety and also try to wear them all or donate them so no favorites. Accessories: Necklaces and the same black handbag.

Many of my favorites are almost three years old and have had lots of wears and probably need updating but I'm holding out for great replacements. Writing this post has helped me personally evaluate my wardrobe and I've enjoyed reading your posts, too.

A personal note: Today is my birthday and I just got out of the hospital after two days. I went in because of dehydration after a morning of diarrhea and vomiting after a week of coughing. It turns out, no flu but bronchitis and possible pneumonia. The first X-rays were read incorrectly and I don't have pneumonia and am glad to be home and self treating the bronchitis at home with meds. What a week this has been.