Be still my beating heart! You look fantastic in your dance outfits! And, even better, you two seem to be having such fun on the dance floor!

I'm using up my exclamation quota for the entire week in this one comment!

Wow! The two of you look like amazing dancers. So much fun. Your dancing capsule is gorgeous.

Wow, I hoped somebody would enjoy my dancing capsule in action but I did not count on such enthusiastic response - thank you!
Chewy, I am sure you will enjoy your rhumba class, so far this is my favorite dance!
Thea, how fun is it that you two met ballroom dancing: life changing activity for sure...:-)
merwoman, you meant to say that I coordinated his outfits with mine
Mirjana, you should start dancing if you want, it is a lot of fun!
Tanya, you are my ballroom dancing god-mother! Yes, it is addictive; we went from group lessons for the first year to one private lesson per week the second year and now we have 2. With all lessons, practices and social dances we dance 6 days a week. Yes to checking dress racks in the store and also the first thing I look at online too! I am not sure about competing: we are too old and not good enough I think...we just having fun.
JAileen, you should go out and dance: classes alone are not enough. You may be surprised how many opportunities exist for social ballroom dancing. My city is not big (less that 400k people) but we have 2(!) different ballroom venues every Friday plus a couple of dances every month on Saturdays. Putting to use what you learned in class is tremendous fun! - and an opportunity to wear pretty dresses too!
Aquamarine, you cannot be sure about having 2 left feet until you try. I always thought myself big and clumsy but it appeared I can dance. This is truly an activity where (a lot of) practice makes perfect.

Thank you all again for your kind comments. Yes, we have tons of fun and doing this together is the best thing ever. Dresses are really just an icing on the cake ( but very welcome icing).

Both the dancing and the dresses look great! And it's lovely to see you posting! DH and I did dancing lessons for a full year before our wedding. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work too.

First of all, I love that you and your husband found a hobby to do together that not only allows you to get dressed up but also for him to show his romantic side!

You look gorgeous and graceful in all these pics! I love that floral halter dress!

Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Great dresses

These are just gorgeous Sveta. You and your husband could be your own ballroom dancing advertising campaign!

Oh, plonk, fab, ahmazing! You two look marvelous together. So glad you shared the pics.

You look so gorgeous!! Wow, these dresses are so lovely and you and your husband look wonderful. I have always wanted to learn to dance...

What glorious pics! Thanks so much for sharing. The dresses are all perfect for the beauty in motion nature of dance, and they each have a distinct personality, which is wonderful. You look gorgeous together, and I'm so glad you share this passion with each other!

Wowza- Thanks for sharing, Sveta. You and your dresses are both beautiful in motion. Love to see people pursue their fun hobbies, especially when it can be shared. Like all the dresses and swooned to see you in motion in the royal blue one; especially lovely with the royal blue shirt.

Lovely- you must feel really special on the dance floor in all of these outfits!

Super gorgeous and super fun! You have some spectacular dresses.

I'm so happy to see these pictures of you dancing in your dresses, Sveta! You are an absolute stunner.

thank you so much for showing us these photos. you both look great.

This is such a lovely set of photos and so good to hear your story. Your wardrobe is so elegant and feminine. I especially like your red dress. You look very happy!

Wow Sveta! Soooo beautiful! What a fun hobby too. Nice to see you post!

You look gorgeous in your dance capsule!

Boy, does red ever LOVE you! Great capsule. Super cool how DH co-ordinates with your outfit.

Wowza! You have such elegance and look super in these dresses!

You are stunning, Sveta! These photos are such a joy. Thanks for sharing them here. It's wonderful to see how beautiful you look in your dresses, and seeing them in action is a special treat. You and your hubby look gorgeous and like you are enjoying your dance parties. What a great idea.

You look gorgeous! Great capsule, and Red really looks fab on you.