I have been wanting a cloth winter coat for a few years now... I seem to forget I need/want one until all the selection is gone. Or the price of them makes me decide to make to just one more year. The last one I got was from Costco, probably four years ago, and it's okay, but not the best with dressy clothes... it's a peacoat.

Last year I came very close to trying the J Crew stadium cloth cocoon coat that several fabbers purchased, but the one I was interested was a very vibrant red that quite frankly scared me a bit... I wanted to see it before ordering. But I'd always kept that coat at the back on my mind.

So this year, I decided to go for it. In navy - I didn't want black, as I have a black peacoat, and a black puffer. But none of the bolder colours appealed to me, at least not without seeing them. I pulled the trigger when J Crew had a promotion on. And the purchase of my navy/black tote makes the navy appealing as well.

And here it is (#1-3).... I LOVE the fit of this coat. For someone who struggles with coats, this was quite exciting. I was a bit disappointed by the zipper...it's very gold. And I am not a gold person at all. But I think it'll be covered by a scarf for the most part. Can I live with this? I may see if I can get the zipper changed, if I decide it bothers me.

And while this was on it's way, I had the whole BR citron coat thing happen (#4). Which of course satisfies my desire for a coloured coat. But I know I won't want to wear that one every day, so I'm totally fine keeping both. Esp given how long it's been since I got my last one.

And here's the funny part (#5). My 10% coat. Not 10% off... 10%. While I was trying on the citron coat in the BR store, the first time, and saying that I think I really needed a cocoon shape not the fitted shape (as I could see it was sloppy) the SA said to me "you look like you can wear black and white" and proceeded to pull this out. It retailed for $410. Was marked down to $64.99(in store, online it's $280ish). And had 30% off that day. This coat, after taxes, was about $43. How could I not get it as well ??????????????? I don't care if I only wear it a half dozen times, it's fun.

And that, my friends, is how to turn a wardrobe hole into a wardrobe hill. Or small mountain

And I have to say, it's GREAT to have new, fun, colourful options! I think the new puffer will have to wait until next year

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