Hi All

I am not sure if it is the pandemic meaning I have got "dressed" less, or that I am buying better quality or that I am taking better care of my clothing, but in general I am finding my clothing and footwear is lasting longer.

I think that now as well as my size is consistent and I am buying more wisely, that I have a better functioning wardrobe, so I don't have lots of unworn pieces...

Most years I exit about 20-30 pieces and between 8 and 14 of those are from being worn out. The rest are donated or gifted or sold. I bring in about 30 pieces including gear each year, and over the last year my wardrobe has crept up in size by 10 items, mostly because my clothes aren't wearing out. Neither are my shoes...I seem to wear out about one pair a year (aside from running shoes). I did exit 9 pairs in 2019 when I got ruthless with worn and out of favour footwear, but that was an anomaly.

I have added in 12 new pieces so far in 2022 and exited 9 so the closet is still growing.

I don't want more stuff - and I am happy with my editing. I could be more drastic but I enjoy variety. So it probably means I need to be buying less..... or being stricter on the one in and one out rule.

I made a statement that I was moving to the one in and one out rule a few years ago, but haven't applied it, mostly because I was adjusting the balance of my wardrobe with adding more gear in 2021, and building a better work capsule in 2020. The timing was a bit premature.

However, for the rest of 2022 this will be my new goal - not adding anything new unless I am ready to part with something.

Is anyone else finding that their clothes or footwear are lasting longer? And anyone else doing one in and one out?

Thanks in advance