So all this talk on YLF about wardrobe planning has made me sit up straighter and analyze my purchases a little more. Similar to Lisap's post a few weeks ago, I am also an impulse shopper who buys with no plan in place whatsoever, but generally, I love my closet. It has been feeling overly full these days though, so this winter, I decided to focus only on refreshing areas that need it: coats, boots, fancy dresses and underthings.

I bought these Max Mara beauties in cognac the other day:
(I bought them from Winners, hence the out of stock link.) They are to replace my 6 year old OTK cognac boots that I bought in Italy, that have been much loved and worn. These ones are very good quality, classic and just stunning leather. And at less than 1/3 of the price, I couldn't resist

I also wanted rough and tough boots that could withstand the -30 temps and salt-covered roads without getting their precious leather ruined, so I invested in the Cate The Great and Joan of Arctic boots from Sorel (in my finds below.) Honestly, they feel a bit too rugged and not as polished as I generally like my style to be, but I refuse to brave my beautiful Italian boots to the harshest Canadian elements , so Sorel it is. I will be watching the forum keenly to see how others style their winter boots.