I was quite taken with the runway shot of the bleached-on-the-bottom jeans when I saw it a while back, and I was REALLY REALLY taken with our own nicoleb's interpretation of it! So I decided to do it myself!

Although Nicole said it took her only a few minutes in the bleach to get the desired shade, I have been messing around with a sink full of bleach for the past TWO DAYS! As you can see from photo 5, there are still a few darker spots on the jeans, but all in all I am SUPER happy with how it turned out! Especially the rear view!

I loved how Nicole paired her bleached shorts with the orange-and-black top, so I dug around and found the orange (even though it looks red in the photos, it's orange) Forever 21 sweatshirt I wore for my tap dance performance last Thanksgiving. I actually think it's perfect because Lord knows, this is a verra verra casual look! (And I'd consider it a personal favor if none of you reported me to the Age Appropriateness Police. kthxbai)

(The sweet kitty in photos 6 and 7 is Galadriel, who was very interested in the whole process!)

Any other styling ideas? Especially since I'm not sure I'd wear this particular getup out of the house! LOL

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