I will keep updating this post and adding to the thread as I create more outfits, notice patterns, and continue to reflect on my likes/dislikes.

I am seven outfits into the challenge, and have used 13 items so far:

Items worn (not counting footwear, outerwear, accessories):

  1. Hand-knit sweater (four wears)
  2. Olive chinos (six wears)
  3. Merino leggings (four wears)
  4. Black down vest (eight wears)
  5. Striped Icebreaker dress (two wears)
  6. Eggplant Icebreaker dress (two wears)
  7. French press sweatshirt (four wears)
  8. Blue 501s (six wears)
  9. Sage green henley (five wears)
  10. Striped merino cowl-neck (two wears)
  11. Burgundy v-neck sweater (three wears)
  12. Plaid wide-leg pants (two wears)
  13. Black watch pants (four wears)
  14. Polka-dot pants (four wears)
  15. Floral chambray shirt (two wears)
  16. Burgundy/blue plaid shirt (three wears)
  17. Charcoal turtleneck (two wears)
  18. Multi-stripe cashmere crewneck (two wears)
  19. Black merino hoodie (six wears)
  20. Blue/white striped oxford shirt (one wear)
  21. Sage green crewneck sweatshirt (one wear)
  22. Grey herringbone skirt (two wears)

My only goal going into the challenge was not to rely too heavily on jeans or flannel shirts -- I've worn jeans once, and casual olive pants twice. I have not yet added a flannel shirt, in part because I have too many and can't decide on just one!

Things I’ve learned:

1. I need to figure out a static cling remedy for some of my skirts and dresses (I already knew this, but including them in the capsule may force my hand -- I haven't worn them yet, but might try on a mild day). Dryer sheets? Bounce Spray? The problem, of course, is pairing with tights -- they're fine over bare legs (these are pieces I bought in warmer weather, and it hadn't occurred to me to try them on with tights at the time). I already put lotion on my legs before getting dressed, but that’s not enough. I’ve tried spritzing with water too, but the effect doesn’t last long. Or maybe I just accept these as spring/fall pieces and don't worry about wearing in deep winter? Do I hunt down a slip or a half-slip?

2. I’ve added several patterned bottoms over the past couple of years, but I’m not sure I’ve added enough solid-coloured tops to support them. I do have solid tops, and vastly prefer wearing them with printed bottoms (vs with solid bottoms) but sometimes the solid tops I have still feel boring, due to fabric or silhouette, even if the colour/pattern/texture in the outfit all play well together. Maybe this is a case of needing more third pieces? Which brings me to…

3. I do not enjoying wearing a third piece in the winter. At a certain point, when I’m bundled up with hat, mittens, scarf, long johns, etc, a topper just feels like too much. And I inevitably end up being too warm inside in the winter -- partly the contrast with the outdoors, and partly because a lot of people in New England heat to 70 degrees or more (I keep my house around 65-68, which is a topper-friendly temperature). I’m not really sure what to do about this. Indoor scarves are only an option sometimes -- but often I already have to deal with an outdoor scarf. Most of my tops do not lend themselves to statement necklaces. I don’t have pierced ears, so no earrings. Maybe a vest? I’ve been wishing I had a boiled wool vest to split wears with my puffer vest, and to sub in when I want something a bit more polished… (Note: I think this is why I love the leggings+skirt/dress+pullover for winter wear; it gives me a third-piece effect without feeling like I’m wearing a third piece.)

4. I could stand to add some variety to my deep-winter boot collection. When I’m out for a long period of time and/or it's truly frigid, I wear my Muck Boots, end of story. They are warm, and they keep water and melting snow out. My feet stay warm. If I want to look a little nicer, I wear my Blundstones, and if I know I’ll be walking a long distance, I often choose my Ahnu winter hiking boots, because they’re a smidge lighter. I don’t have a polished option, but maybe I need to consider adding a pair of insulated/waterproof ankle boots -- Blondo, Aquatalia, or similar? Just for dinner out/concerts/etc. I could also probably use a “cool” looking pair of uber-warm boots (like Sorel or Ugg), I just don’t like how heavy most of those are, and have a hard time with fit. Of course, if I had a larger boot collection to choose from, then I'd have to include them in the 30...