I keep an ongoing shopping list, but I like to revisit it at the start of a new year/season as I'm updating my planner.

In 2022, I was lucky enough to find several great statement pieces, so I expect 2023 to be more about shoring up my essentials and creating a travel capsule. I'm totally open to falling in love with and purchasing a statement piece (or three), but my list is more sedate:

  • wideleg black pants (lightweight for travel)
  • black slip-on flats (maybe another pair of the Birdies Herons)
  • packable puffer
  • gum-sole sneakers (replacement for my Cariumas, which have developed holes in the lining)
  • trolley-sleeve travel bag
  • textured tights
  • wideleg jeans (Find is my current pair. I'm anticipating a replacement here, but it may or may not be necessary this year)
  • a few black layering/sleep tanks
  • short sleeve black tee
  • leather crossbody bag (mine, shown, is starting to look ragged)

I've also already ordered the yellow sweater in Finds. It was a...let's call it "instinctual"...purchase on sale, as it's quite similar to a Jenni Kayne sweater I fell in love with last season that, unfortunately, didn't come in my size.

Do you have a 2023 list?