2021 was a challenging year for me, personally and professionally. Professionally, in October 2020 I started a new business venture. Being my own boss has been great but there are stresses that come with a less stable income. Personally I had two health issues but have recovered well.

My wardrobe has been a source of comfort for me in what has been a busy year. I have outfits to accommodate my needs and I am happy with my style. Most of my 2021 purchases have been from Australian designers, local stores or second hand. I have been trying to reduce the amount of polyester and synthetics in my wardrobe.

A goal I set was to transition my wardrobe away from formal work wear to casual clothing with mixed results. I am always a bit more dressed up than others, I have embraced that and worn what I like. On Zoom meetings I am often the only one wearing a jacket because I prefer wearing jackets and blazers to hoodies. My clients and colleagues have never said anything negative about my choices.

My personal shopper Brooklyn found two stunning turquoise dresses for me (in Finds) and whenever I wear them, I get complimented on them. Complete winners. My recommendation is if Brooklyn finds something for you, BUY IT!

I expanded my winter colour palette to include some earth tones and have enjoyed the pieces I added to my wardrobe which I acquired second hand (cardigan, bag and trench coat). My winter wildcard purchase was a pink velvet pant suit. Fun worn together and great as separates.

My summer wardrobe has benefitted from my wildcard purchase of platform sneakers, midi skirts and cotton blouses and dresses. Mint and green has crept into my wardrobe and plays nicely with the white, pink and denim in my wardrobe. My most recent fab 2nd hand find was the Bao Bao clutch.

2022 is likely to be another challenging year, but we have made it this far and we will come through. As we come to the end of 2021, I am feeling strong, healthy and hopeful.