I love this exercise. Here is last year's list, and most of it is the same

  • Solid tees and sweaters in black and navy, fitted but of different sleeve lengths for different seasons- same, but would add white/ivory and add a focus on rib knits
  • Striped sweaters and tops in blue or black stripes with white/ivory - same
  • Black and dark blue skinny and bootcut jeans - the skinnies remain but are less important; would add demi bootcuts (both cropped and the new full length) and would add wide legs if I could find flattering ones.
  • Lighter wash jeans with trendy element (fraying etc) - same
  • Black and navy pants - less emphasis right now but they remain in; I would add that the silhouette is changing from skinny and ankle to incorporate wider legs and longer lengths
  • Metallic footwear in the summer/shoulder seasons -same except would expand to all year
  • Black booties in winter - same
  • Denim jackets in blue and white for summer layering - I used these less last year but won't remove them yet; it depends partly on things out of my control like weather and office temps
  • Long pendants to wear with winter knitwear, in gold and silver - same

New for 2020

  • Hi top sneakers, mostly Chucks so far, to go with the new longer full length pants and jeans. I LOVE THIS LOOK and it's now a go-to for me. Some of the ones I have are in colors, but I want to add white (debating between more Chucks or Angie's white leather Eccos)

As you can see, the changes are mostly due to changes in silhouette - the color and basic ideas of the pieces remain the same. The only big change is the addition of hi-tops. Only space limitations have prevented me from adding 3-4 more pairs of Chucks, to be honest....

I also have two short black warm jackets, but I don't want to add more back coats (despite living in NYC too much black outerwear makes me sad), and I'm not sure if this is an essential just yet. It might be trending that way, even if I don't add to the capsule.

I forgot to relate this to the forum post, but I don't have time right now to start over and add the Finds again - sorry, Angie!

Wide Leg Riviera Pants
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