I didn't have much time to post in 2017 - work kept me busy - but I
did find time to shop and learned a few lessons about my style along the
way. I decided to focus on some of the successes. There were some
shopping mishaps and mistakes but overall it was a successful year for
me in terms of fashion.

For 2018 I plan to stick with a similar pattern, though I think I
will shop less. I would like some new shorts options but I can take my
time as I have enough to make it through if needed. I really don't need
more tops so it will have to be something special to gain my interest. A
new pair of sunglasses and maybe a new swim suit might be on the radar.

2017 Winter Successes
Vests are the Best! - I felt like I had too many winter items last year -
but this year the weather has been much colder for much longer already.
I am happy I invested in 2 cold weather vests. I learned that I like
wearing vests, and they are very practical for my climate. I've been
wearing both quite often and I really like that they allows me to wear
flannel shirts or sweaters without being too bulky or hot. One is a navy
puffer style and the other a cozy, hooded, fuzzy fleece in off white
and dark tan. Great purchases.

My Merrell adirondack style booties have been life changing. I get
Raynaud's symptoms in my toes very easily and often I am SO
uncomfortable once it starts. My new fleece lined booties along with
wool socks has made the cold weather so much easier and more comfortable
this season. Well worth the cost even if I only need them for a few
weeks a year - I've been wearing them daily with the cold blast we're
having. Hoping I can get three seasons out of them at least.

Short sleeved flannel - Madewell scored (for me) with two short
sleeve flannel courier style shirts that I've been loving for our common
50-70 degree winter days. I also love my long sleeved flannels but for
my climate, the short sleeves give me a great option. I bought the
striped (and a duplicate since I loved it so much) and the heather gray
(light gray, almost platinum).

2017 Summer Successes
I wanted to add a little more color to my summer options so I tried
several things. I learned that I really like dusty deep coral and will
be on the lookout for more. I purchased one tie front coral top from
LuckyBrand and though the quality didn't quite make it (they refunded me
when a hole appeared on the front upper placket after washing once) - I
love the color and added another Lucky item that had the same color in
the pattern.

It took me most of the season to find a replacement for my favorite
light tan sandals. I finally found a pair and only got a chance to wear
them a couple of times but I really like them and they were a bargain
price too.

White pants and white shorts- Angie made me do it :-). I really enjoy
wearing white bottoms now in spring and summer and have invested in a
great pair of EF twill cropped white "jeans" and two pair of KUT white
shorts that I wore a LOT. Great investments, though more than I thought I
wanted to pay for the pants, the fit and style is exactly right for
what I wanted so I feel they were worth the price.

Gold and rose gold sphere necklaces are my current favorite jewelry item. I've been wearing them daily. I like simply jewelry with a hint towards nature if possible. The spheres make me think of the planet so it works.

I kept from adding "regular" tees to my summer wardrobe. I have
plenty - a few graphic, lots of solids. I opted instead to add a few
tops with more interest. I'm going to try and stick with only adding a
tee if it is special in some way or if I simply need a few more for
lounge wear.

General Success
I splurged on nice wooden hangers to replace all the other mismatched
hangers. Makes everything look better and allows me to focus on the
clothing instead of the various colored hangers. We added a brighter
bulb in the ceiling and we're adding some additional lower rack lighting
soon so it's not so dark at the bottom of the closet.

I couldn't add all the Finds as I don't have them collected. But here are some.