I shared this in Angie's blog post comments, but I thought I'd commit even a step further to this by posting it here in the forum. Any comments or suggestions are welcome! 


My style goals for 2018 are:

- To continue honing my current style. My wardrobe is in a really good place. I have plenty of options for dressing everyday, and even manage to pull together outfits for last-minute occasions with minimal trauma. I like where my personal style has landed, for the most part -- casual, a little bit rock'n'roll, but with a balance of polish and RATE. Sophisticated casual but with a bit of edge. Or as my husband calls it, Badass Sophisticate. I just want to stay mostly on that track.

- To wear everything in my closet. If it's not working for me, and I wear it and don't enjoy it for whatever reason, out it goes.

- To edit my closet thoughtfully, and to add less than I eliminate. I started off last year with a goal to shop less, and did great for the first half of the year. I seem to weaken when the fall shopping season rolls around, because fall/winter style is what I love most. I want to be mindful and careful with my shopping. At the same time, I need to do some really honest closet editing, so I'm not hanging onto so many things "just in case."

- To lighten up a little bit. This is partly inspired by Angie, and partly by my husband. He loves my new white Zara puffer, and commented when I wore a white sweater the other day that he likes when I wear white. It's not my easiest color to wear (I tend to spill and get stuff dirty, and it's a challenge to find interesting, even edgy items that I like in white that are substantial enough that they're not sheer), but I will commit to adding more white/cream to my wardrobe, again, THOUGHTFULLY, and to wear the white/cream items I have. I tend to save them because I'm afraid of staining them.

- To pay more attention to skin care. My skin is aging visibly, and I may need to adapt my routines, and maybe start getting occasional facials. I may consult with a dermatologist to address some of my concerns.

- And because this is related to dressing my body, and therefore my style, I do need to mention that a goal in 2018 is getting back into better shape. I've gained enough weight since stopping running that I'm a size or two up from where I was five years ago, and it makes getting dressed harder. I've already gotten rid of my smallest clothes because I'm not sure that post-menopause I'll ever get back to that smallest size, but I'm still squeezing into some of my pants, and I am determined NOT to go up another size. I just want to be healthy, and to have my clothes fit better. I'm starting back up on an athletic challenge (to be determined) to start a training routine, and tracking my eating with My Fitness Pal again. That worked for me in the past, and it will work again.