I usually do not make New Year resolutions, but I just finished reading Marie Kondo's book (yes, late to the game). I think that I am much like the author herself and it was interesting that I figured out on my own how to declutter and organize much like she did.

Since it snowed this morning, I decided to stay in and declutter a bit more. I saved the best (or hardest) for last. I finally decided to tackle the sentimental clutter. I started by tossing out my "baby shoes". I have been storing these for over 30 years since my mom handed them over to me - just shoved into a drawer. I have to say it felt good to toss it. I had no attachment to them. Next I had been keeping a "feelings" journal since 2010 and decided today was a good day to shred the pages. This was definitely not something I wanted family members to ever read. There were times in the past when I had to get my emotions out and put everything down on paper. I have not written in it for almost a year and did not want to reread what I had written. Got my emotions out and moved on. Shredding the pages felt great.

I do agree with what she says about not telling anyone what you are tossing. My DH would hold on to every piece of paper if he could. I found things I received as gifts over 20 years ago that I have never opened or used - put it in my donate pile.

My goal in 2018 is to go through photos. A few years back I scanned all old photos into the computer and made about 15 Shutterfly books. The books take up a great deal less space than the photos stored in albums and/or boxes. Plus the books I made tell a story. I no longer need the physical photos, but have to convince DH to let go. He has 2 huge boxes of photos from his parents and not one photo has any info written on the back. I don't feel right tossing these are these are part of his life and yet he does not want to look at them. I am sure that when we are ready to downsize in a few years these will all be tossed away.