I'm trying to keep my goals concise and attainable. Style is so aspirational, it's easy for me to get carried away with big goals, and then get frustrated when I fall short of the mark. My big three this year:


  • Track wears -- I've said this about a million times in the past year. The only time I manage to track is when I'm working with a capsule challenge, so maybe I just need to do 12 straight capsule challenges!
  • Find ways of adding brightness, pop, and sparkle to my event capsule. Already wrote a long post about this one. (And already added some inexpensive metallic tights which came out to play last night -- I feel like such a genius!)
  • Look for secondhand and affordable handmade options first. (For ethical and budgetary reasons.)

I also like to make a little reminder list of things I don't need to any more of. They are often the things I find easiest or most fun to buy, but adding more will not advance my style in any meaningful way. I'm at a saturation point for all of these things or (in the case of low-rise pants) in the process of phasing them out completely.

Don’t buy:

  • t-shirts
  • leggings
  • jersey dresses/skirts
  • sneakers
  • flannel/plaid
  • low-rise pants (9” is my minimum)
This list means I'm going to try very hard to live with the casual clothes I have and not buy any more this year, except for direct replacements for a couple pairs of pants (desperately in need of some new black jeans). Anything else I buy needs to add a degree of polish or sophistication to my wardrobe, and needs to feel special or, as Staysfit puts it, meaningful.