I thought, after nailing down my essentials, I'd share some of my statements, and why I consider them such. These aren't all the statements in my wardrobe, but they're ones I have in Finds that are in pretty regular rotation right now. These items refine my style, add trendy elements, reinforce my bohemian bent, and keep me from boredom.

Tops - floral tunic, embroidered shirt, silk shirts (these might be essentials for someone else and I bought them hoping they would be for me, but they're definitely statements in my wardrobe).

Toppers - fur vest, silk kimono, orange duster cardigan (I have cardigans on my essentials list, but the length and color of this one make it a statement for me), leather jacket (again, might be an essential for some, statement for me)

Dresses - plaid dress

Bottoms - plaid leggings

Accessories - statement necklace (an example of the type of gold necklace that isn't included in my essentials category), Panama hat, black boots (I've worn these almost every day this winter, but they're still a statement for me...just look at the comments on any WIW where I've had them on)